We develop your child's full potential through
an international education model


More than 120 years of experience in education

Educational Technology

We use educational platforms and technologies so students can learn through experimentation, developing skills to thrive in their academic and professional future.


Certifications International

English and French give your child a competitive advantage.



International Baccalaureate Programme

From Elementary School through High School, students at Colegio Williams acquire an intercultural identity that enable them to prosper academically and professionally anywhere in the world.

Choosing Colegio Williams is a life experience


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Scholarships and Partnerships

Discount for corporate allies and partner schools.

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Williams Students

At Colegio Williams, we consider individual differences, interests, and attitudes to provide your child a unique educational experience.

Direct Pass to Universities

Colegio Williams's students have a world of possibilities with our college direct admission program.


Blog Williams

News, educational trends, and tips for each stage of your child's life.

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Bachillerato Internacional IB

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